3.1  Bearings and Related Components

3.1.1   Deep groove ball bearing3.1.2   Cylindrical roller bearing3.1.3   Double row spherical roller bearing
3.1.4   Double row self-aligning ball bearing3.1.5   Needle roller bearing3.1.6   Angular contact ball bearing
3.1.7   Thrust ball bearing3.1.8   Thrust roller bearing3.1.9   Tapered roller bearing
3.1.10  Spherical outside surface ball bearing3.1.11  Bearings with various special standards3.1.12  Bearings with various  purposes
3.1.13  Bearings with various materials3.1.14  Bearings with various demands3.1.15  Bearing components such as ring, steel ball, anti-dust shield,seals and  cage
3.1.16   Bearing-related parts such as axel, sleeve and wheel3.1.17   Standard and nonstandard industrial
components and  parts with various types,material-based and technical requirements

3.2  Equipment for bearing production and machining

3.2.1   Production line for semi-finished bearing,all kinds of pressing machine, cutting machine,precision impact extrusion equipment, etc.3.2.2   Heat treatment line3.2.3   Bearing grinder line or stand alone
3.2.4   Cleanout and assembly line or single machines
3.2.5   Detection instrument for all kinds of bearings   
 3.2.6   Accessorial equipment such as packing machines for bearings
3.2.7   Relevant equipments and instruments for the bearing production and detecting
3.2.8    Processing equipments and detection  instruments for kinds of bearing components such as friction ball and retainer 

3.3  Related equipments for bearings and accessories

3.3.1   Kinds of materials and accessories used for bearing production such as,lubricant and antirustmaterials,grinding wheel, abrasive material,cooling fluid, packing material,corrector, diamond pencil and electric  spindle frequency converter, etc.