Mechanical transmission, parts and equipment

2.1  Gears

2.1.1   Gears for cars and motorcycles    
2.1.2  Gears for construction machinery2.1.3  Gears for agricultural machinery
2.1.4   Gears for aircraft, shipbuilding,railway and metallurgy2.1.5   High-speed and heavy-duty gear boxes2.1.6  Cylinder gear reducers
2.1.7  Planetary gear reducers2.1.8  Epicyclic reducers2.1.9  Harmonic transmission reducer
2.1.10  Worm reducer2.1.11  Electric drive-reducer sets2.1.12   Electric barrels
2.1.13 Machine tools for gears

2.2  Chain Transmission

2.2.1  Conveyor short pitch precision roller chains
2.2.2   Conveyor and transmission duplex pitch roller chains2.2.3   Heavy transmission duplex pitch roller chains
2.2.4        Tooth chains2.2.5   Plate (leaf) chains2.2.6    Special and non-standard transmission chains
2.2.7        Sprocket-wheels

2.3    Belt Transmission

2.3.1     Timing belts2.3.2     V-belts2.3.3     Flat belts
2.3.4     Ribbed Belts
2.3.5     Variable speed belt drives2.3.6     Pulleys
2.3.7     Belt tensioners

 2.4   Couplings and Brakes

2.4.1    Couplings (rigid, flexible,safe)2.4.2    Universal joints2.4.3    Universal shafts
2.4.4    Cam Mechanisms for the  Intermittent Motion2.4.5   Fluid coupling,fluid torque2.4.6    Clutches (electromagnetic,friction, magnetic particle)
2.4.7    Brakes and brake systems2.4.8   Locking assemblies, taper bush, tapered adapters,withdrawal adapters

2.5  Springs

2.5.1    Spring steel
2.5.2    Valve springs2.5.3    Hanging springs
2.5.4    Diaphragm spring2.5.5    Dish springs 
2.5.6    Hot coiled springs
2.5.7    High-temperature resistant springs2.5.8    Pre-stressed springs2.5.9    High-strength springs
2.5.10   Camping and pull springs2.5.11  Air springs

2.6  Metallurgical Products

2.6.1   Metal powders2.6.2   Parts2.6.3   Sintered metal powder filters
2.6.4   Sintered friction materials2.6.5   Electric contact materials2.6.6   Diamond tools and cemented carbide
2.6.7  Magnetic materials2.6.8   Bi-metal materials and products2.6.9    Cast iron

2.7  Various Equipments and Measuring Instruments

2.7.1   Pressing machines, cold upsetting machines,heading and rolling machine2.7.2   Gear processing equipment (hobbing machine, shaving machine, shaping machine,honing machine grinding machine,  deburring machine,chamfering machine and CNC2.7.3   Machine tool & measure center for gear box
2.7.4   Tools and dies2.7.5   Heat-treating furnace
 2.7.6   Specialised manufacturing equipments for springs
2.7.7   Specialised manufacturing equipment and assembly machines for chains2.7.8   Specialised manufacturing equipments for semi finished gear products 2.7.9    Testing and measuring instruments for chains,gears and fasteners etc