Fluid power

1.1      Hydraulics

1.1.1       Hydraulic pumps1.1.2       Hydraulic motors
1.1.3       Hydraulic variable speed drive units
1.1.4       Hydraulic cylinders1.1.5       Pressure intensifiers and dual fluid actuators           
1.1.6       Hydraulic control valves
1.1.7       Hydraulic accumulators1.1.8       Hydraulic pressure switches1.1.9       Pipes, hoses and connections(hydraulics)
1.1.10     Assemblies and complete hydraulic systems
1.1.11     Hydraulic test rigs1.1.12     Water hydraulics assemblies
1.1.13     Special hydraulics equipment1.1.14     Sealing devices and supplementary   equipment for hydraulics
1.1.15      Filters for hydraulic- and oil-lubrication systems
1.1.16      Heat exchangers1.1.17      hydraulic gear pumps,hydraulic gear motors,control valves and power packs      

1.2      Pneumatics

1.2.1       Pneumatic cylinders1.2.2       Pressure intensifiers and air-oil actuators
1.2.3       Pneumatic motors
1.2.4       Pneumatics working units1.2.5       Pneumatic valves1.2.6       Pneumatic equipment
1.2.7       Complete pneumatic control systems, including fluidic controls   1.2.8        Compressed air preparation1.2.9        Pipes, hoses and connections (pneumatics)
1.2.10      Pneumatic apparatus, other1.2.11      Sealing devices and accessories for pneumatics
1.2.12      Pneumatic actuator drives

1.3      Sealing technology

1.3.1       Squeeze seals (o-ring etc.)1.3.2       Rotating seals (rotary shaft seals)1.3.3       Reciprocating seals (piston and rod seals)
1.3.4       Seals of valve guide1.3.5       Mechanical seals1.3.6       Flexible graphite seals
1.3.7        Flexible graphite sheets1.3.8        Other filler seals and sealing materials1.3.9        Seal test rigs and measuring instruments
1.3.10      Special production equipment for seals