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ⅰ Shandong Huali Electric Motor Group Co., Ltd.

  ● Since its founding in 1970, Huali has been a leading organization in the Chinese electric motor industry. 

  ● Four factories in China

  ● Over 3000 employees

  ● Annual production capacity: 14,000,000kw.

  ● Annual sales: 400 million US dollars

  ● Over 55 sales offices in China

 ●  Export motors over 40 countries worldwide

 ● No.1 factory in the Chinese Small and Medium-Sized Motor Industry

 ● World top 10 company for low voltage motors manufacture by HIS

YE3,YE4 motors are suitable for driving various kinds of machine or equipment. The output rating are from 0.12kW to 1000 kW. The frame sizes are from 63 to 560.

YE3,YE4 motors have cast iron stator frames, endshields  and terminal boxes. The feet integrally casted into the stator frame. The terminal box is mounted on the top as standard, and on the right or on the left side are available.

YE3,YE4 series have the characteristics  that, higher efficiency, low noise, better reliability. The products are designed by using cold-rolled silicon sheet, it complies with European IE3,IE4 standard.


JLEM ,founded in 1981,is a servo motor customized enterprise with ingenuity. JLEM, an enterprise in technology, development, manufacture, market and energy solution for servo motor, drive and frequency conversion control system, is a member of China rotating motor industry standard committee and a member of IEC standard working group.

Now JLEM has formed three leading product systems: permanent magnet servo motor and drive control series , new energy vehicle motor and drive control series, high-efficiency three-phase asynchronous motor and frequency conversion energy saving system. The entire products cover new energy vehicle, robot, CNC machine tools, intelligent manufacturing, coal mine, petroleum, environmental    protection industries ,general machinery and transportation industry including pump and compressor, which provides all kinds of products and solutions for the intelligent promotion industry. The motors with more than 3,000 varieties of specifications are available from 0.1KW to 1500KW ;The drive and inverters are available from 0.1KW to 400KW. The company is a manufacturing enterprise with integrated motor- control system and diversified products.