Products Preview - Bearing

ⅰ. C&U Group

Founded in 1984,C&U Group is a group company with bearing manufacturing as the leading industry. Currently C&U has 137 subsidiaries and its employee has reached more than 20,000. In 2018, the sales revenue was 17,13 billion yuan. 

C&U Group has set up 7 bearing manufacturing bases respectively located in Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Sichuan, Shanghai, Wuxi, Huangshi, Wuhu, which can produce over 30,000 kinds of bearings varying from ID of 1.0mm to OD of 4,000 mm, with annual production capacity of 1.2 billion pieces.

As one of the top 10 worldwide bearing manufacturer, C&U has rich experience in providing specialized bearing solutions to more than 40 industries such as automobile, household appliances, motorcycle, electric motor, engineering machinery, medical machinery, etc.

C&U bearing application case

In industrial transmission field, C&U bearings are used in industries such as industrial robot, engineering machinery reducer,air compression equipment, CNC machine tools, new energy motors, modern logistics transmission.

Product: C&U flexible bearing for harmonic reducer

C&U flexible bearing is specially designed for harmonic reducer. For inner and outer rings, high quality bearing steel are adopted to achieve excellent performance; balls are made of imported material to ensure good wear resistance property; and cage materials is made of high strength engineering plastics. C&U flexible bearing is characterized  by excellent precision keeping property, low heat, low noise, longer life than the whole machine, etc. 

Technical points

ⅰ   Special steel and unique heat treatment technology, with both elastic deformation and wear resistance considered

ⅱ   Improve dimensional accuracy and rotation accuracy

ⅲ   Internal geometry optimization

ⅳ   Improve the roughness of the contact surface

ⅴ   Improve the quality and consistency of elements

ⅵ   High performance cage

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ⅱ Schaeffler Group

SCHAEFFLER torque measurement sensor system (TMSS)

By magnetostriction Schaeffler torque measurement sensor system (TMSS) applied to contactless measurement at turning shafts. Low susceptibility to environmental influences (e.g. temperature, …). High precision also at low torques; At the same time with high reliability, high durability. At present, it has been successfully applied in off-road machinery.

Application: Fliegl push-off manure spreader

Driving torque of spreading augers corresponds to the amount of manure spread, adjustment of push-off speed depending on that torque. More even distribution of manure; Gearbox protection through reduction of torque spikes; Simple adaption to other organic matters to be spread. Up to 50% higher work output compared to conventional push-off trailers.

Applicaton: PTO torque sensor in transmission of tractor

Installation of torque measurement module in main gearbox for PTO torque detection. Modern tractors equipped with motors, which can deliver a targeted power surplus of the engine of up to 30% for special applications. Knowledge of load distribution in gearbox - power boost regulation. Knowledge of necessary power for add-on device - overload detection and optimized machine performance. Reduced maintenance cost.