PTC ASIA 2023 Welcome Message——CMCA

As a partner of Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd. for more than ten years, China General Machine Components Industry Association (CMCA) expresses its sincere greetings to friends and guests from all regions. Thanks for coming all the way here to the 27th Power Transmission and Control ASIA (PTC ASIA)!

Every year, the advanced industrial manufacturing system stands out in PTC ASIA, which offers a rare opportunity we urgently need to learn, digest and absorb from the exhibited advanced manufacturing technologies. The modern industrial revolution has inspired people to yearn for a better life with unlimited imagination. With the help of promotion during the exhibition, new materials, technologies, processes, equipment and ideas are put into new areas of life, which emancipates our minds, broadens our horizons and enhances Chinese scientific and technological innovation ability with our own characteristics.

Today, China’s manufacturing industry has been fully integrated into the world supporting system, covering various industries. Made-in-China mechanical parts have developed from low-end to middle- and high-end as a certain volume of high-end products are being produced. A country’s industrial modernization stage depends on its manufacturing capacity and level of producing high-end and complete sets of equipment. China still has a long way to go, which is why we always emphasize the importance of paying continuous efforts to realize modern industry. To accomplish this mission and push China’s economy to a new level, we still need several generations of Chinese people to take up the responsibility and make great efforts!

China’s manufacturing industry is critical to national development and bears people’s hope, while the growth of enterprises promises to rejuvenate the country through technology and industry development. PTC ASIA with participating Chinese companies has become an important professional event with great international influence.

Breaking through boundaries and driving the future are the crucial elements of the industrial revolution, and future manufacturing and core power are sweeping around the world like a whirlwind, which will surely point out the development trend of the latest technology in industrial manufacturing.

Made-in-China products are meant to be global and benefit all around the world! Also, the development of science and technology will come along and develop as well.

At last, we wish everyone a good health!

China General Machine Components Industry Association

October, 2023