【Exhibitor Profile】Hydro-pack

Hydro-pack is a leading company located in Turkey and has business connections all over Asia, Europe,  the Middle East, and Africa in hydraulic field. As Hydro-pack, we manufacture hydraulic mini power packs and hydraulic blocks. We offer a wide range of solutions suitable for different applications. We have made efforts to make continuous innovation and developing technology which enables us to provide the best quality products with the best price and service to our business partners. We care about quality control by testing each hydraulic unit before delivery.

Hydro-pack produces 2500-3000 pieces of power units per month and have 80% of the hydraulic mini power unit sector in Turkey.

We carry on the activity under Hidros Group, Turkey, and branch offices in Turkey, Germany, and South Africa. Our wide product range includes hydraulic gear pumps, directional control valves, hydraulic valves, hydraulic motors and steering units, hydraulic power units, oil coolers, pump over gears, slewing drives, piston pumps, and tractor and forklift replacement parts. We export our products to more than 60 countries.

Hidros your solution partner in Hydraulics!