Special event for PTC ASIA 30th Anniversary - CEO Interview —— Lenze Drive System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Lenze Drive System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Mr. Sean Xie, President Asia



Focusing on the PTC ASIA 30th Anniversary, the special event for PTC ASIA joins hands with PTC ASIA exhibitors to discuss market trends around the industry focus. This event will successively visit senior corporate figures to share their experiences and uncover the stories behind the products. In special times, help our industry and increase confidence and strength for our industry!


PTC ASIA Team: Since entering the Chinese market in 1997, Lenze has developed steadily in China. Please introduce the company's overall situation in China and its capabilities in the transmission business.


Mr. Xie: Hello everyone, I am Xie Weidong, President Asia and General Manager China of Lenze. Lenze is a German company founded in 1947, focusing on industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing, and is a true invisible champion in the segment of motion control. Since entering China in 1997, Lenze's business has been developing rapidly. In 2006, Lenze established the first phase of the factory in Lingang; in 2012, the second phase of the factory was expanded; in 2019, Lenze moved the R&D center and logistics center to Lingang. It can be seen from the development history that Lenze Global gives a great importance and hopes Lenze China, which is also a confidence and hope for the Chinese market and Chinese business.


Lenze China has made some major reforms since 2019. For example, we have made changes in the sales structure and operation optimization. These changes are mainly to get closer to the market and users, and to transform our original sales company of pure German imported products into a role of provider service for Chinese customers and the Chinese market of automation solutions.


PTC ASIA Team: How has Lenze China developed in 2020? Was it affected by the pandemic?


Mr. Xie: In the past 2020, the world has been affected by the COVID-19. Our Lenze company is no exception, but we have overcome the epidemic (and the difficulties brought by it) through the efforts of all employees and the coordination of management and all employees. From our sales orders (in 2020) we have set a record and at the same time we have new growth compared to 2019. This is the result of everyone's hard work and the glorious achievement of Lenze employees' victory over the pandemic.


PTC ASIA Team: In previous interviews, you mentioned that Lenze Group intends to build China into a new engine for Lenze's global development in the future. Based on this, is there a corresponding strategic plan? Please share with us.


Mr. Xie: Everyone knows that China is the world's largest industrial manufacturing country and the largest automation market. Therefore, Lenze headquarters, including the Global Strategic Management Department, have high hopes for China and see its market potential. Especially in the new year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, China's economic momentum and political environment give us greater confidence. To this end, the headquarters has formulated a strategic development plan for China in the next five years, defining China as a global growth engine. We will develop this strategy from several aspects.


First, increase national production, so that all Lenze products are produced in China, sourcing in China and assembled in China, and suitable for the Chinese market.


Second, we will do a good job in regional reengineering and distribution, and develop regional market expansion. For example, the southern and the western regions are areas where we were relatively weak. We will increase our business expansion in the western and southern regions.


The third is the depth of the industry. In our original advantageous industries, such as the textile industry, consumer goods industry, and new energy automobile industry, we must continue to increase investment and develop applications in emerging industries, such as 3C, laser processing, and medical equipment. Therefore, industry expansion is also a strategy for us.


Finally, we must accelerate and strengthen the talent training strategy. Because people are the core of an enterprise and the main driving force for the development of the company.


Therefore, the headquarters decided Lenze China's development strategy from these aspects, making China the engine of Lenze's global growth.


PTC ASIA Team: At present, in which application areas does Lenze Drive's solutions have an outstanding performance? How have these solutions changed (upgraded) from the past? What is the reason?


Mr. Xie: Speaking of the upgrading of Lenze application solutions, I would like to give you two examples. First, in the logistics industry, what we call the automated warehousing industry, we have done a lot of work in this field. With the upgrading of automation and manufacturing, the warehouse must first be upgraded to build a very efficient automated warehouse. Lenze is really leading in this. For example, in industries such as high-speed sorting, warehousing, quotation systems, algorithms, and software anti-sway, Lenze should be the leader. The top 5 Chinese companies in the automated storage industry are all Lenze's loyal customers.


Second, we are in the consumer goods industry (with upgrades). For example, in the thermoforming field, as the industry changes, traditional packaging and printing will be replaced. New materials and new environmental requirements make us transform materials from PTE to PP, our thermoforming solution is the best environmental protection solution (one of them).


I gave two examples to illustrate one point, that Lenze is closer to users and the market than before, and provides customers with more personalized solutions.


PTC ASIA Team: What is your overall impression of PTC ASIA? What are the highlights of the exhibition that attracted you? For the upcoming 30th anniversary of PTC ASIA this year, what you could wish to the exhibition?


Mr. Xie: This year is the 30th anniversary of PTC ASIA. PTC ASIA is a very important platform for Lenze. In addition to PTC ASIA, there are also many joint exhibitions (all very important to us), such as CeMAT ASIA, ICCE ASIA, ComVac ASIA and so on that are very relevant to us. So PTC ASIA is very important to us, and it is also our most valued exhibition platform (one of), so we have high hopes for PTC ASIA, we also feel very honored, thank you very much.


For many years of cooperation with PTC ASIA, I wrote a short poem to show my blessings:

Thirty years of spring and autumn, flourishing and flourishing,

Thirty years of ploughing and weeding, harvest fruitful results,

Thirty years of growth, casting brand,

Thirty years of hard work to shape authority.


On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of PTC, I wish to create more glories and have unlimited prospects


The right way of the attitude is not "everything is possible, so I have to move forward at full speed". Instead, we must say: "My ultimate goal is achievable, and I will develop appropriate strategies to ensure success."