Special event for PTC ASIA 30th Anniversary - CEO Interview —— Sealtech Co., Ltd.

Sealtech Co., Ltd.

Ms. Joan Zhan, Deputy General Manager China

PTC ASIA Team: Ms. Zhan, please introduce yourself and Sealtech to us.

Ms. Zhan: Hello everyone, my name is Zhan Qiongfang, I am deputy general manager of Sealtech. I have been working here since 2004 and in this 17 years I have witnessed the development of Sealtech, and Sealtech has also witnessed my growth.

Sealtech was established in Hong Kong in 1991, specializing in the supply of European origin seals, starting from customer needs, to the development of seals professional and become the best choice for the market for the quality policy, to provide customers with selection guidance, design advice, installation guidance, instructions, troubleshooting and other services.

Sealtech provides products and technical services for plastic machinery, forging machinery, food machinery, hydraulic cylinders, mining machinery, construction machinery, logistics machinery, port machinery, ship machinery and other industries. In the process of serving customers, we knew a lot about the seals The complexity, non-standard nature and other characteristics of the user’s requirements for the integrity, timeliness and stability of the supply of seals, and the process of repairing and supporting customers, made us have the opportunity to understand the selection of European and American mechanical designers for the use of seals. The type and design characteristics provide us with many learning opportunities, which will serve as an important reference for the selection and design of production facilities in the future, and establish a stable business foundation for Sealtech based on technology and service.

PTC ASIA Team: With the new crown pneumonia epidemic raging around the world last year, has your company achieved the 2020 fiscal year target? What kind of adjustment measures have enabled your company to achieve outstanding performance indicators in such a general environment?

Ms. Zhan: When the new crown pneumonia epidemic broke out in early 2020, it reminded people of SARS raging in Hong Kong in 2003. This time it was discovered in China, so it was never expected that a pandemic would occur in the world later. As China implements a nationwide anti-epidemic, everyone expects that the economy will be hit by 2020, and the market will slow down. Other countries also think that this time it will only spread in Asia like SARS in the past and ignore the anti-epidemic. The global economic development is almost in The stagnant state is shocking because China has controlled the spread of the epidemic in just a few months, and various industries have gradually resumed work and production. At the same time, there is a serious shortage of anti-epidemic materials in the world, and our country has become a supply of anti-epidemic materials. The mainstay of the company, the sudden market growth has caused a shortage of domestic materials, including the shortage of seals for machinery and equipment. Our company has continuously improved risk management and the cooperation of various suppliers when encountering supply problems from the past industry. We can meet the delivery requirements of all customers. In 2020, our company set a new record in performance, exceeded the fiscal year goal, and more importantly, let customers realize the importance of a stable supply of goods for them to ship on time. I think this is more than money. Bigger.


PTC ASIA Team: With the worldwide pandemic since last year, did the company reach the 2020 target? Are there any adjustment measures that company needed to implement to achieve the target?

Ms. Zhan: When the COVID-19 broke out in early 2020, it reminded people of the SARS raging in Hong Kong in 2003. This time it was in China, so there was no expectation of a big pandemic. Because China controlled the prevention of virus, everyone was thinking economy will be hit by 2020, and the market will slow down. Another countries also thought that this time, just like SARS, it will only spread in Asia and ignore the anti-epidemic prevention. The impact to the worldwide economy was enormous. Also everyone was surprised by how China took control of the virus just in few months, various industries have gradually begun to resume work and production. Meanwhile our country became a supplier of the shortage medical equipment that was necessary in the world. Suddenly the market was increasing, which led to the shortage within our country, including the shortage of seals for machinery and equipment. Our company has continuously improved risk management and cooperation when encountering supply problems from the past industry, which made our clients satisfy with their delivery requirements. In 2020, our company set a new record in performance and achieved the fiscal year target. More importantly, let customers realize the importance of a stable source of goods for them to ship on time. I think this is more profitable than money.


PTC ASIA Team: How did the company perform this year? Which ones are bullish? Which ones are affected?

Ms. Zhan: February 2021 coincides with the Chinese New Year, based on past experience, sales this month will be half less than usual. However, this year, because many companies encourage employees to spend the New Year where they are, not returning home, the performance in February hit a record high in the same month of the previous year. The industry is currently in a severe shortage of demand. I estimate that this situation will be postponed to the end of this year or even the first half of next year.


PTC ASIA Team: What latest technologies and products will the company bring to PTC ASIA this year/what is the company's main business recently? Please tell us what are the main highlights of the product? Compared with similar competing brands, what is our advantage?

Ms. Zhan: If you want to make high-quality products, you must have good equipment. If you want to make good equipment, you must use good parts. If you want good parts, you must use good basic parts. Without good basic parts, good products will be impossible. Speaking of it, so we are not restricted by geographical area to collect, introduce high-quality products and production methods, and win the recognition and support of a large number of customers under the steady operation mode.

For the past 30 years, Sealtech’s business mission is the concept of a global village. If someone is doing it, if it is a good thing, we will promote the application method. If there is market demand, but few people do it or no one does it, we will do it and will invest in R&D and production. For example, SEATOOL, a series of seal tools developed by Sealing Tools Co., Ltd. under the Starline Group, has become a popular product even in the global industrial powerhouses and even Germany. SEALTOOL has solved many difficulties for customers that were impossible to solve in the past. The tool development focuses on solving several key problems of seal installation, disassembly, measurement, connection, and cutting. The purpose is to reduce the difficulty of seal assembly and disassembly, and greatly reduce sealing. The percentage of parts damaged during installation speeds up production and effectively reduces costs.

The next product highlight is the installation tool for large-scale PTFE tie rod seals (Site seals) that have not found a solution in the world. This project is currently being researched and developed by Mr. Liu Weijian, Chairman of Sealtch Group. The product will be launched at the end of the year. I believe that Mr. Liu’s design features will surprise the industry again. The reason is not that it feels magnificent, but that it’s that simple. Yes, this is the amazing thing about Mr. Liu's work.

PTC ASIA Team: What are your general impressions of PTC ASIA? What the highlights and advantages of the trade fair have attracted you?

Ms. Zhan: PTC ASIA is very professional exhibition, focusing on the power transmission industry. If someone mention a trade fair for power transmission, everyone will first think about PTC ASIA in Shanghai.


PTC ASIA Team: What would you wish to the upcoming PTC ASIA's 30th years anniversary?

Ms. Zhan: First, I would like to congratulate PTC ASIA, 2021 is also a 30th years anniversary of Sealtech. We hope we will be moving only forward alongside with PTC ASIA, supporting our country`s industrial development!

Wishing PTC ASIA organizing more and more successful exhibitions, moving to the new level and create greater participation value for exhibitors!