Special event for PTC ASIA 30th Anniversary - CEO Interview —— Shanghai SUCCESS Hydraulics Press Co., Ltd

Shanghai SUCCESS Hydraulics Press Co., Ltd

Mr. WU ANJI, General Manager


Focusing on the PTC ASIA 30th Anniversary, the special event for PTC ASIA joins hands with PTC ASIA exhibitors to discuss market trends around the industry focus. This event will successively visit senior corporate figures to share their experiences and uncover the stories behind the products. In special times, help our industry and increase confidence and strength for our industry!


PTC ASIA Team: Mr. Wu, could you please introduce to us Successsun?


Mr. Wu: At the beginning of the company, a lot of people were thinking that we are foreign enterprise. But in fact, it is not. The name Successsun was chosen by my wife hoping that the company will have a success. I am very happy to see the scale of the company that is has now. There is some success comparing with 2018, when the company was founded. Our company is providing the hydraulic equipment, also we are providing to the clients the full “hydraulics” solution plan. We are working with variety numbers of industries. The hydraulic industry is relatively unfamiliar to ordinary people, but we have our clients in construction machinery, mines, ports, ships and other industries. If any country wants to become stronger, the heavy industry must to be developed and the development of the heavy industry cannot be without hydraulics, motors and we are affiliated with the hydraulic industry. As a private enterprise in China, we will work hard to make our own contributions to make our country stronger.


PTC ASIA Team: Facing the worldwide pandemic did company achieve the targets of 2020`s? What kind of adjustment you needed to do to achieve the targets in this environment?


Mr. Wu: 2020 is an extraordinary year, the COVID-19 has affected the global market`s environment. In China, we felt the strong state control of the epidemic. The epidemic has caused a great impact on many service industries, but due to the accurate judgment and the fast decisions made by the government, both in the construction of old infrastructure or new infrastructure, the state has made significant investment. For our company we had really benefited from 2020, even it was a tough year. Before the Lunar New Year our company had had an impact of the COVID-19. At first we were late for 10 days to start working after holidays, after it was extended till 15 days, but the government`s new policies for the companies let the sales and the production develop rapidly. From the financial point, in 2020 we felt the help and care from the banks to the enterprises, which we had benefited from. From the business point, in terms of investment in old infrastructure and new infrastructure, since we are in hydraulics, our orders for construction machinery, wind power and heavy industry actually far exceed 2019, so I think this is in the future as the state invests more and more, we will do better and better.


PTC ASIA Team: 2020 can be described as a challenging year. How do you see the impact of the COVID-19 on the production of basic parts industry?


Mr. Wu: I think this epidemic should be the biggest opportunity for the domestic basic parts industry in the past 40 years after reform and opening up. Foreign orders cannot enter the country, and many foreign products cannot enter. They have been delayed and have become irregular. Too many domestic OEMs, including state-owned factories, military, are willing to give the opportunity to domestic companies (basic parts producers) to try. I also talked to many of OEMs bosses, another decision makers, I have always said whether this can be the opportunity to try for us (for domestic manufactories). In this way we can develop, otherwise our technical talents will choice well-known foreign brands. But this time, all companies feel that foreign countries may not be reliable, and there will be many uncertain factors, just like this outbreak. For us, domestic parts producers, we are also agents of foreign brands, but now we have more products selected from domestic ones. I think this is the biggest opportunity in 40 years after the reforms of the opening the country.


PTC ASIA Team: What kind of impact the after outbreak period has brought to your company?


Mr. Wu: In the second half of 2020, it is true that a lot of manufacturing has begun to force. Our export sales performance increased. The whole Chinese economy are growing by 2.3%, after outbreak, I think the state has been formed, now we are signing more and more orders, comparing to 2020 the numbers of signed contracts increased by about 41%. In general, “the after outbreak time” did not have a big negative impact on us.


PTC ASIA Team: What is your overall impression of PTC ASIA? What are the highlights of the show that attract you?


Mr. Wu: Since we participated in PTC ASIA for the first time, I have a deep feeling that we can find professional customers at the exhibition. I participate in PTC ASIA every year, and SUCCESSSUN also participates in it. Because PTC ASIA gives me the feeling that there is a precise positioning of customers. Last year at PTC ASIA may not participate a lot of the audience as much as in previous years, but the customers who communicated with us must be precise customers we need. We have also participated in a lot of exhibitions, but PTC ASIA it is very important in my heart, because at the trade fair definitely there would be our customers.


PTC ASIA Team: Do you have wishes to upcoming PTC ASIA 30th anniversary?


Mr. Wu: PTC ASIA is a very good display platform for the transmission or the hydraulic industries, I also hope that this platform will do better and carry forward.