Main advantages of box structure motor

First of all, the versatility of parts and components is very high, not only between the same series of motors, but also between synchronous motors and induction motors.


Secondly, for the motor with half cover, only different cover can be easily derived from various protective types and different cooling systems. In this way, as long as the local structure of the motor cover is changed, it can meet the needs of different users, thus it can shorten the production cycle and reduce the production cost.


Third, the stator core of small and medium-sized motor can be installed by external pressure. In this way, the processing of stator core pressing, off wire, dip paint, base and outer cover can be divided into two production lines at the same time to shorten the production cycle. Moreover, after the stator core is loaded with external pressure, it is convenient to adopt the whole, vacuum and pressure dipping paint (VP1) process, which improves the insulation treatment quality and reduces the temperature rise of the winding. In addition, if the stator core is stacked properly, the machining of the inner circle of the core (usually grinding the inner circle on the vertical car) can be completely eliminated, and the additional loss of the no-load part of the stator tooth can be reduced.


Fourth, the mechanical processing capacity is small, the offline is convenient and easy to disassemble. The box steel plate seat is much lighter and more beautiful than the traditional cast iron machine seat. Because of the large area, poor working conditions and high cost of environmental pollution, the development of box steel plate motor has been promoted.


Generally speaking, the vibration absorption performance of box steel plate pedestal is worse than that of cast iron pedestal. Therefore, attention should be paid to the design and manufacture of reducing the vibration and noise of motor.