The reasons to choose odd number of fan blades of motor

Fan is a key part of motor products. Careful observation shows that no matter the number of fan blades is large or small, it is odd, including the number of wind blades of cast aluminum rotor motor. There is a scientific basis and theoretical support.


If the number of blades is even and the symmetrical arrangement is formed, the balance of the fan itself is difficult to adjust, and it is easy to produce more resonance when the fan runs at high speed, which leads to the blade can not bear the fatigue caused by resonance for a long time, and finally the blade breaks and so on.


When the number of wind fan blades is odd, it is impossible to achieve symmetry, and the odd number of blade combinations can bring more performance advantages than the even number of blade combinations. From the point of view of energy saving, the three fans are more cost-saving and relatively energy-saving. Because three fans can form an asymmetrical mechanical power, when one blade does not have dynamic potential energy, the other two blades are in a potential energy state, and the two potential energy blades can easily drive a blade that does not have potential energy for the time being, which can save electricity and energy. Therefore, it is designed as an odd number of blades with asymmetrical axis.