The other bearing are suitable for the spindle of machine tool

This kind of bearing can bear both radial and axial loads, because it will cause internal axial force when bearing radial load, so it should be installed and used in the way of "back to back", "face to face", "series" and "multiconnection", etc., and the stiffness of the spindle can be improved by pretightening. The contact angles of this kind of bearings are 15°, 25°and 40°. Among them, B7000cyl high precision angular contact ball bearings with 15°contact angle are bearings designed for the spindle of high speed grinder. In addition to the change of internal structure design, the ring and rolling body are made of high quality electroslag bearing steel. Therefore, this kind of bearing has high rotation accuracy and limited speed, low friction and low temperature rise.


2. Double row cylindrical roller bearing


This kind of bearing can withstand large radial load and allow higher speed. The two rows of rollers in the bearings are arranged in a cross manner, and the fluctuation frequency is twice as high as that of the single row bearings, and the amplitude is reduced by 70%. Cylindrical hole bearings are usually hot loaded, using interference fit to reduce bearing clearance, or to achieve the purpose of pre-tightening. The NNU49 series bearings with detachable inner ring can be machined by raceway after the spindle is installed in the inner ring in order to obtain high rotation accuracy of the spindle.


3. Deep groove ball bearing


This kind of bearing is only used to bear radial load, because the clearance can not be adjusted, so it is often used in situations where the accuracy is not high and does not need to be prepressed, such as the main shaft of ordinary drilling machine and so on.