The keys of selecting a High quality Motor

Silicon steel sheet


Silicon steel sheet is an important part of the motor, and it accounts for the main cost of the motor with copper wire. Silicon-copper sheet cold tie steel sheet and hot tie steel sheet, the state has long advocated the abandonment of hot tie sheet, and the general scale enterprises have used cold tie sheet for manufacturing. Cold tie sheet performance can be reflected in the brand, generally using DW800, DW600, DW470 and so on, and ordinary asynchronous motor generally uses DW800, to make motor with strip steel. There are significant differences in performance.


Core length


The stator and rotor of the motor are made of silicon steel sheet die-casting. The length of die-casting and the tightness of die-casting have a lot of influence on the performance of the motor. The longer the die-casting length of the core is, the better the power performance is. Some enterprises can shorten the length of iron core or reduce the price of silicon steel plate to reduce costs, so motor prices are low.


Copper wire slot filling ratio


The more copper wire is used, the higher the slot filling rate is, the more copper wire is used, the better the motor performance will be. Some production enterprises reduce the stator slot shape without changing the length of the core, so as to reduce the amount of copper wire and reduce the cost.




Bearing is the carrier of high speed operation of motor rotor. The quality of bearing affects the running noise and heating of motor.




The shell bears the vibration and heat dissipation of the motor in the course of operation. According to the weight, the heavier the shell strength is, the greater the shell strength is. Of course, the appearance design of the housing and the appearance effect of die casting are all the important factors that affect the price of the housing.




Including machining accuracy, rotor die-casting process, assembly process, insulation dip paint and so on, will affect the performance and quality stability of the motor, the production process of large-scale manufacturers is relatively strict management, the quality is more guaranteed.