Requirements of skeleton oil seal for placement environment

Skeleton oil seal is a precision element. Improper assembly and custody will also affect the performance of use.


1 Do not open the original package, pay attention to whether the package is damaged, and try to leave the oil seal in the original package before assembly.


2 Avoid direct sunlight, and do not place it near the heat source of high temperature, as this will lead to rubber aging.


3 The oil seal shall not be scattered at will, and attention should be paid to dustproof and soil prevention to ensure that the oil seal is in a closed or capped state.


4 In transportation and use of oil seal, in order to prevent the deformation of oil seal and spring shedding, please do not give excessive impact.


5 The oil seal can not be tied with a string, and do not hang on a nail or wire, which will damage the sealing lip.


6. Do not put the oil seal in a wet place. This will make the metal parts rust.


7 Do not place seals near televisions and ozone-producing places.


8 Please do not rub your fingernails or hard objects against the lips to prevent damage to the sealed lips.