Matters needing attention in installation of Ball Screw bearing

1. Eccentricity: it refers to the deviation between the center of the fixed side and the supporting side.


2. Tilt: it refers to the installation error caused by the parallel error (up and down, left and right) between the wire rod shaft and the guide part (LM guide rail, etc.) or the vertical error of the screw nut installation part except eccentricity. The installation accuracy of motor support and coupling affects the walking and positioning accuracy of worktable, and we should also pay full attention to the situation of ball wire rod.


2. Seal off: be careful not to knock on the nut and part of the thread, remove the nut from the manual rotation of the thread to another and feel whether the resistance is caused, whether it is obviously bent, be careful not to make the nut screw out of the thread. Wipe off the surface rust-proof oil and apply lubricating oil.


4. Maintenance:the straight-line speed is less than or equal to 30m/min. Grease lubrication can be adopted and grease injection shall be conducted every 300~600 working hours according to the working condition. Oil lubrication is recommended for 30~60m/min. Forced oil spraying lubrication can be considered for 60~100m/min. It is rare for the hollow lead screw and forced cooling lubrication is recommended. Keep the working environment clean, do not allow dust and other impurities to enter the inside of the roller or nut. If the conditions are bad, consider adding protective cover outside the screw.


The screw has high precision grinding precision ball screw (precision divided from 6 from CO-C7) and cold rolled ball screw bearing formed by high precision cold rolling (precision divided into 3 from C7-C10, etc.). There are also finished products that have been processed on the shaft, semi-finished products and cold-rolled ball screw bearings that can be traced back to the shaft. As the peripheral parts of this bearing, the necessary screw support unit, nut support, locking nut and so on are also standardized.