Application of Frequency conversion Speed Regulation Technology in Electrical Automation Control

The V-F control technology


The V-F control technology is to ensure that the output voltage is proportional to the control frequency, to keep the magnetic flux of the motor to a certain extent, and to avoid the phenomenon of weak magnetic field and magnetic saturation. The V-F control mode is mainly used in fan and pump load energy-saving frequency converter, which is realized by voltage-controlled oscillator. The principle of V-F control is to produce an oscillatory frequency circuit called voltage-controlled oscillator. It is a kind of varistor capacitor which is changed by voltage. When the voltage changes, its capacitance changes. The change of capacitance will cause the change of oscillatory frequency and the change of frequency. This control frequency will be used to output the frequency of voltage, so that the controlled electricity can be controlled. The speed of the machine has changed.


Digital control technology


With the rapid development of computer and electronic information technology, digital control technology has become the mainstream trend of the future development of frequency conversion speed regulation technology, digital control technology calculation speed, high control accuracy, and can effectively improve the motor driving performance and efficiency, while reducing the running noise. In addition, the volume of frequency converter using digital control technology will be reduced a lot, which has more obvious advantages than traditional vector control and direct torque control.


In the normal operation of the electric automation control system, the reasonable use of the variable frequency speed regulation technology can play an effective protection role for the normal maintenance of the motor function, and the effective control of the actual operating state of the electrical automation in a series of operation procedures is very important for the maintenance of the power system. In this paper, a series of effective applications of frequency control technology in the electrical automation control are analyzed and discussed. Automatic operation function can be effectively realized.