New function of brake

With the development of science and technology, there are more and more styles of seals, among which double split oil seals and split skeleton seals are widely used in them. The seal of the reducer bearing seat is not suitable for installation. In the traditional seal the sealing effect and service life have been significantly improved and the installation time is much better than other oil seals which can not be realized by other seals especially on large equipment. The installed features are attractive to customers.


The installation tools for double split seals and split skeleton seals should be prepared as follows: hammer and knock block.


1. Before installing the oil seal, please understand the composition of the double split seal and the split oil seal. The split skeleton seal is composed of rubber body, skeleton and built-in spring. Before installation, check that the split skeleton seal interface is neat and compact, apply a proper amount of lithium-based molybdenum disulfide to the seal lip edge, and avoid dry friction between the bearing and the lip edge when starting.


2. The spring surface of the seal faces the medium, and the oil seal interface is opened. The size of the oil seal can be adjusted by bearing. The opening of the oil seal will not be overstretched. Because of the built-in spring and skeleton, its elastic expansion is certainly not pure rubber.


3. After placing the bearing, the seal skeleton is fully combined, and then the seal opening is moved on the bearing, and the seal is gently pressed into the installation slot.


4. At this point, only a small part of the seal enters the groove. At the shunt, tap the seal counterclockwise with a tool. Pay attention to the strength and accuracy of tapping, and insert half of the height of the seal into the slot.


5. After tapping half, after the previous step, knock the remaining half into the seat hole, and then make sure that the outer side of the seal is on the same plane as the cavity.