Daily inspection and Maintenance of Three-phase Asynchronous Motor

Daily inspection is mainly to monitor motor start-up, operation and other conditions, timely detection of abnormal phenomena, to prevent accidents.


(1) Observe whether the motor has abnormal noise and vibration. Especially when hearing the stuffy heavy buzzing sound, it is very likely to run single-phase, should immediately cut off the power supply for treatment, otherwise it will burn out the motor.


(2) By observing the ammeter and voltmeter, we can find out whether the motor is overloaded, whether the three-phase current is balanced, whether the power supply voltage is normal or not, so as to find out the problems in time and deal with them.


(3) Touch the motor housing and bearing by hand to check for overheating. If the palm can be clenched to the heater for a long time, the temperature can be determined to be below 60 . If the hot palm can not be touched and the finger can barely stay at 1: 1.5 s, it can be concluded that the temperature is over 80 and the motor may burn out if it continues to run.


(4) Check and clean the dust and sundries on the motor shell and the air inlet, and check whether the motor has been eroded by water, whether the tension of the transmission belt is appropriate, and so on.


(5) Check the bearing and add grease in time. According to the different conditions of use, it should be disintegrated and maintained once every six months to two years, clean the interior, add grease and replace the bad parts.


(6) For winding motor and DC motor, emphasis should be placed on checking the contact between brush and sliding ring and commutator, brush wear and spark, etc.