Characteristics of Automobile Rubber Seal products

1. The development and application of new raw materials is developing rapidly.


Such as the popularization and application of fluorine rubber seals in automobile, it has become one of the rubber types in the special rubber used in automobile in recent years. Fluorine rubber is mainly used in automobile industry for engine stem seal, cylinder liner seal, clutch seal, fuel pump seal and fuel rubber pipe inner layer glue and so on. Hydrogenated nitrile rubber is a replacement product of nitrile rubber because of its heat resistance, excellent oil resistance, aging resistance and many kinds of medium. At present, it is widely used in high performance automobile accessories. It is mainly used as automobile synchronous belt base adhesive, high performance base rubber, automobile rubber tube inner layer adhesive, contact fuel seal and so on. The price of acrylic rubber is relatively moderate. Heat-resistant oil and thermal-oxidative aging performance are excellent, in recent years, it has become a kind of sealing material (sealing ring), which is mainly used as high temperature oil seal, shock absorber and hydraulic hose.


2. Expansion of production scale and improvement of specialization.


The production scale of foreign automobile rubber parts enterprises is expanding day by day, all of them have strong scientific research strength, and the degree of specialization is high, there are advanced production technology and equipment and management system with high degree of automation, so the labor productivity is very high.