The ways to choose synchronous motor and asynchronous motor

1. Asynchronous motor is simple, has low cost, and is easy to install, use and maintain, so it is widely used. The disadvantage is that the efficiency is low and the power factor is not good for the power grid. The high efficiency of synchronous motor is capacitive load, which can improve the power factor of power grid.


2. The synchronous machine needs excitation voltage and current regulation, but the asynchronous machine does not. The synchronizer can compensate the reactive power of the system, and the asynchronous machine needs special equipment to increase the power compensation.


There are three main operation modes of synchronous motor, that is, as generator, motor and compensator. As the generator operation, it is the most important operation mode of the synchronous motor, as the motor operation, it is another important operation mode of the synchronous motor. The power factor of synchronous motor can be adjusted, and the operation efficiency can be improved by using large synchronous motor when speed regulation is not required. In recent years, small synchronous motor has been widely used in variable frequency speed regulation system. Synchronous motor can also be connected to the power grid as synchronous compensator. At this time, the motor does not carry any mechanical load, by adjusting the excitation current in the rotor to the power grid. The inductive or capacitated reactive power is needed to improve the power factor or adjust the voltage of the power grid. The general application is to choose asynchronous motor for device drive.