Shaft Surface Oil Seal of Motor

Oil seal is the usual title of general seal, in short, it is the seal of lubricating oil. It is a mechanical element used to seal grease. It separates the parts in the transmission parts that need to be lubricated from the output parts and does not allow the lubricating oil (grease) to leak. The seal for static seal and dynamic seal is called oil seal. The representative form of oil seal is TC oil seal, which is a kind of double lip oil seal with self-tightening spring, which is completely covered with rubber. Generally speaking, oil seal often refers to this kind of TC skeleton oil seal.


Causes of oil leakage in oil seal


The lack of strict sealing of oil seal is the main factor causing oil leakage. When the shaft is worn to form grooves, even if the new oil seal can not be sealed, due to the decrease of the contact pressure between the oil seal lip and the shaft, resulting in the interference between the diameter of the oil seal lip and the shaft diameter is too small after installation.


The ways to reduce oil leakage


Master and identify the basic knowledge of fake and inferior products, select and purchase high-quality, standard oil seals.


Always check the oil level, if the oil impurities are too much, there is alloy powder, metal iron chips should be completely replaced with the new oil. The brand and quality of the oil changed should meet the requirements of the season.


If shaft diameter and bearing wear are serious, oil seal rubber aging or spring failure, repair and replacement of corresponding components should be carried out in time.