Precautions for installation and commissioning of main shaft bearing

(1) Installation and debugging of a single bearing


As far as possible, the eccentricity of the spindle positioning inner hole and the shaft diameter of the spindle and the eccentricity of the bearing inner ring and the raceway are close to each other when assembling, and the eccentricity of the bearing inner ring and the raceway can be reduced.


(2) Installation and debugging of two bearings


When the spindle bearings of the two supports are installed, the eccentricity of the front and rear support bearings should be made in the same direction, and the size of the eccentricity should be properly selected. The precision of the front bearing should be higher than that of the rear bearing, so that the eccentricity of the front positioning surface of the spindle parts after assembly is small. When the machine tool disassembles the main bearing, because the original manufacturer has adjusted the eccentric position of the bearing, it is necessary to mark the position of the circumference before disassembly, to ensure that the original relative position of the bearing and the main shaft after reassembly remains unchanged, and to reduce the influence on the main shaft parts.


The interference fit bearing should be installed by hot loading or cold loading process, so as not to damage the bearing and affect the performance of the machine tool in the process of installation.