Matters needing attention in installation of spindle bearings

1. Cleaning and inspection of bearing


Large motor bearings are packed and shipped separately. After opening the box, remove the top and lower tiles, mark them with ring screws, and clean them with kerosene. Dry cloth is used to dry and check if all grooves are clean and if there is any residual sand casting. Tungsten layer and tile are not well bonded, there are channels, cracks and other blends. If it cannot be repaired, tungsten and gold should be rehung.


2. Cleaning and inspection of bearing seat


Bearing seats should also be thoroughly cleaned and inspected before installation. The inner cavity of the bearing seat is scraped off with a scraper and the dirt is wiped out with a cloth immersed in gasoline or solvent to see if there are cracks and bunkers to prevent oil leakage during operation. The joint surface of bearing cover and bearing seat, bearing seat and bearing oil ring joint surface should be scraped flat and checked with plug ruler. The gap should not be greater than 0.03 mm. The bottom of the shell should also be clean, free from contact, rust and burr. The screws and plate threads of the fastening shell should be carefully checked and tested to determine whether the screws are too tight or too bald.