Matters needing attention in installation of spindle bearings - Bearing edge structure

Spindle bearing is the spindle bearing of precision machine tool and similar equipment. It can ensure the working accuracy and performance of precision machine tool. Improper operation of bearing in installation will often cause bearing damage or early loss in use, which greatly improves the bearing cost.


Between the bearing and the bottom plate must be pad edge pad or metal pad. The metal gasket is used to adjust the horizontal position of the seat. Adjust the relative position of the motor with another connected motor or machine. The metal gasket is made of 0.08mm metal sheet. The edge pad is made of cloth laminate or glass fiber laminate. The purpose of placing the edge pad is to prevent the harm of axial flow. The edge pad should be 510 mm wide and 310 mm thick on both sides of the housing. In addition to the edge pad between the bearing and the bottom plate, the screw and stabilizer shall also be the edge. The edge washer is made of glass silk cloth with thickness of 2mm and 5mm, and its outer diameter is 4mm and 5mm larger than that of iron washer. The tubing edge pad connected to the bearing seat can be made of 1mm rubber sheet thickness. After installation of the edge bearing seat, the geo-resistance should be checked and measured with 500 V megahertz meter. The resistance should not be less than 1 megohm.