Matters needing attention in installation and debugging of ball screw nut pair

Ball screw nut pair is only used to bear axial load. The radial force and bending moment will cause the ball screw pair to produce bad loads such as additional surface contact stress, which may cause permanent damage to the screw. The main results are as follows.


(1) The ball nut should move within the stroke and must be limited in the stroke to avoid the nut off the screw shaft and make the ball fall off.


(2) Because the ball screw nut pair has high transmission rate and can not lock itself, when it is used in vertical transmission, if the weight of the component is not balanced, it is necessary to prevent the reverse transmission caused by the self-weight of the component after the transmission stops or the motor loses power, and the reverse transmission method can be used worm gear and worm drive, electric brake, etc.


(3) The axis of the screw must be parallel to the axis of the supporting guideway, and the center of the two bearing seats of the machine tool must be linear at three points.


(4) When the ball screw nut pair is installed on the machine tool, do not unload the nut from the screw shaft. If you have to unload, use an auxiliary sleeve, otherwise the ball may fall off during loading and unloading.


(5) When the nut is loaded into the nut seat mounting hole, avoid impact and eccentricity.


(6) In order to prevent chip entry, wear ball screw nut pair, it can be equipped with protective devices such as wrinkle protective cover, spiral steel belt protective sleeve, etc., the screw shaft can be protected. In addition, floating dust can be added to the screw nut and two dustproof rings.