Flexible bearings for harmonic reducer

Flexible bearings for harmonic reducer are mainly used in harmonic reducer. Harmonic transmission includes three basic components: wave generator, flexible wheel, rigid wheel and flexible bearing. Flexible bearings are the core components, and the transmission meets the performance requirements of high deceleration ratio through the elastic deformation of bearings.


In the work of flexible bearing, the inner ring is installed on the elliptical cam, the outer ring is installed on the flexible wheel, and the elastic deformation occurs with the rotation of the cam, which not only bears the cyclic stress load, but also bears the alternating stress load.


These points put forward high requirements for the design and manufacture of bearing inner ring and outer ring and cage, and only a few enterprises such as Japan and the United States can produce it. Hebei Precision Flexible Bearing Co., Ltd. has reached the advanced level of design and manufacture of flexible bearings for harmonic transmission. The design of flexible bearing has formed a complete theoretical system, the manufacturing technology of the product is becoming more and more perfect, mature, and the product quality is becoming more and more stable. The 3E series harmonic drive reducer flexible bearing has been successfully applied to the harmonic drive device of "Shenzhou" and series spaceship, which has contributed to my manned spaceflight industry.


Because the inner ring of the flexible rolling bearing is tightly sheathed with the rigid cam of the wave generator. Therefore, it can be regarded as a rigid elliptical ring, the rolling body (generally a ball) is a particle with concentrated mass connected with the inner and outer rings through the spring, and the outer ring is an elastic thin-wall ring, and its original curve is the inner isometric curve of the original curve of the flexible wheel.