Characteristics of QBY pneumatic diaphragm pump

1. There is no need for irrigation and diversion, and it has self-priming ability. The flow channel is spacious, the performance is good, and the maximum diameter of particles allowed to pass through is up to 10 mm. When pumping mud, impurities, the pump wear is very little, with no lubrication, even if idling, there will be no impact on the pump.


2. The flow rate can be adjusted stepless through the opening of the air valve, and the flow rate can be adjusted automatically with the change of back pressure (outlet load), which is suitable for the pumping of medium and high viscosity medium, and the centrifugal pump is based on the water-like medium. If it is used in the medium with slightly higher viscosity, the cost will be greatly increased.


3. There is no need for electricity and no sparks are generated after grounding. The QBY pneumatic diaphragm pump is safe and reliable to use in flammable and explosive environment and the cost is low.


4. The structure is simple, the vulnerable parts are few, the later maintenance cost is low, and the volume is small and easy to move. The occupation area is small, and does not need the foundation, the installation is simple and economical, which can be used as the mobile material transportation pump;


5. The shear force is low, the agitation of the fluid is small, and it has innate advantages in the medium where the physical and chemical properties of the fluid are unstable.


6. The diaphragm completely separates the medium from the outside world, conveys harmfulness, and has obvious advantages in the corrosive medium or ensures that the material is not polluted by the outside world in some tests.