The reasons of high bearing temperature of reducer

1, Too little or too much lubricating oil or grease in the bearing will heat the bearing. In the process of use, the proper amount of lubricating oil should be maintained regularly, and the sliding bearing with oil lubrication should be used.


2, There is another reason is that the use time of lubricating oil or grease use is too long, and oil is too dirty or impurities, viscosity and so on, which will cause bearing heating. According to the relevant provisions of the oil or grease, the oil quality must meet the requirements, if it is dirty, it must be replaced. The additional lubricating oil must be in accordance with the lubricating oil prescribed by the manufacturer.


3, The balance plate and balance ring wear seriously, so that the pump axial water absorption side movement, when a certain value is reached, the bearing began to bear axial force, resulting in bearing heating, resulting in damage. The treatment methods are to adjust the tail gasket of the balance plate or replace the balance plate and balance ring, and replace the bearing.