The other reasons of high bearing temperature of reduce

1, If the oil ring of sliding bearing is not rotated or rotated inflexibly, if the oil ring is not loaded or the oil quantity on the belt is insufficient, the bearing will be heated, so we should often pay attention to checking the oil ring and deal with the problems in time. Sometimes, because the water retaining ring on the shaft is damaged, the water enters the bearing oil pool along the shaft, because the water is heavier than the oil and the water sinks into the lower part, so that the oil is gradually leaking out and only water is left, and the bearing is not lubricated with oil and heats up. This kind of problem should be found in time during the itinerant inspection and dealt with immediately.


2, The bearing installation is incorrect. If shaft and bearing coordination is not good, or clearance is too large, it will cause bearing heating. After discovery, it should be repaired or replaced in time.


3, The pump shaft bends and the rotation part imbalance causes vibration will produce the additional force to the bearing and causes the bearing to heat up.