The methods of maintenance of high voltage motor

1. Clean the motor. Remove dust and mud from the outside of the motor seat in time. If you use more dust in the environment, it is best to clean it once a day.


2, Check and clean the motor terminal. Check if the wiring screws in the junction box are loose and burned.


3. Check the screws in each fixed part, including foot screws, end cover screws, bearing cover screws and so on. Tighten the loose nut.


4, Check the transmission, check that the pulley or coupling has boldness and damage. Check that installation is firm and belt and its connection buckle is in good condition.


5, The starting equipment of the motor also should clean the external dust in time and wipe the contact. Check that each wiring part has the burn mark and the grounding line is good.


In addition to regular maintenance of the motor according to the above contents, the motor should be overhauled after a year of operation. The purpose of overhaul is to carry out a thorough and comprehensive inspection, maintenance, supplement of motor missing and worn components, completely eliminate dust and dirt inside and outside the motor, check insulation, clean bearings and check their wear, to find the problem and deal with it in time.