The connector of new energy vehicle

As we all know, many new energy vehicles are high voltage systems, so connectors must also be able to transmit high voltage and high current: 600 V voltage and 250 A current. At such a high power, there is another problem, that is, electromagnetic interference, and in the process of use, there will also be arc, which can damage to electronic links, and serious fire will lead to car body combustion, because the design and development of high-voltage connectors must be different from the traditional car, seeking common ground while reserving differences.


Therefore, the design requirements of new energy vehicle connectors are very strict, for example, when selecting the connector shell, the weight, convenient processing and strength must be taken into account. Under the exposed environment, it is necessary to prevent high voltage breakdown of air, so it is necessary to retain a certain space. When the current is maximum, the temperature generated should not exceed the rating. When the temperature is different, the shell material of the connector should be able to maintain its own stability and a series of factors need to be considered. The connector requirements of different cars are also different. The connector manufacturers of new energy vehicles should be able to pay the corresponding service through the requirements of customers and understand the needs of customers, so that their products can be close to customer needs.