The trend of automobile parts industry

Industrial chain structure of automobile parts manufacturing industry


The upstream of auto parts industry includes steel, plastic, rubber and other raw materials, and the downstream is mainly aimed at the main engine factory supporting market and after-sales service market.


There are many industries involved in the upstream, especially, the iron and steel industry occupy an important strategic position in the national economy, and the development of the parts industry can effectively drive the development of this kind of industry. From its downstream point of view, the auto parts industry is an important part of the automobile industry, and the auto parts industry is the foundation, without a strong parts industry as the foundation, it will not have a complete and competitive automobile industry.


The situation of China's auto parts industry in recent years


The growth rate of vehicle production and marketing continues to slow down, but the downward pressure is still available. Under the condition of slow growth of business income, Chinese auto parts enterprises can still keep sales rising and their performance rising steadily, which is slightly better than that of vehicle enterprises. However, the risk of continued decline in net interest rates in the auto parts industry must be taken seriously.


In the past, there was a set of data that the export scale of China's automobile and spare parts grew by an average of about 20% in 2015, and the strategic target of 10% of the world's automobile products trade volume was achieved by 2020. Therefore, in the long run, China's automobile and parts export there is still a lot of room for growth.