Reasons and solutions of belt skidding of belt conveyor

1. There is an attachment on the non-working face of the conveyor belt.


Due to the change of natural environment, on-site ground washing, equipment maintenance and other reasons, the attachment with certain lubrication function in the non-working face of the conveyor belt will accumulate on the surface of the driving drum during operation, resulting in the obvious reduction of friction between the drum and the conveyor belt, resulting in skidding.




Determine the source of the attachment and cut off the source. If the source cannot be cut off, sprinkle some rosin powder on the drum (blown in with a blast device).


2. Belt conveyor overload


When the belt conveyor is shut down improperly or overloaded, the belt conveyor carries too much load in operation, which causes the belt to slip.




1) The current and electronic conveyor belt scale of belt conveyor are observed to control the material quantity and avoid overload operation.


2) Avoid heavy load shutdown and overload as far as possible.


3. Head blanking pipe blockage


When the blanking pipe is blocked, a large number of materials will be accumulated on the head and non-working face, killing the conveyor belt and causing skidding.




Attention should be paid to the change of materials on the conveyor belt, and the inspection frequency of the head blanking pipe should be increased when the viscosity changes occur, and the adhesive material of the blanking pipe should be cleaned in time to avoid blockage.