Market environment and influence of automobile parts industry

In order to further standardize the automobile rear market, improve the overall scientific and technological level of the automobile service industry chain, integrate the resources of all parties to promote the development of automobile industrialization, and establish a new technology and new product promotion platform for the national automobile service industry, the National Automobile Service High-tech industrialization Committee will focus on automobile beauty decoration and supplies, and on-board electronic products.


With the improvement of living conditions of Chinese residents, automobile has become a trend of life and an indispensable means of transportation. Although the macroeconomic conditions and regulation and control of our country have changed in recent years, there have been some ups and downs of automobile growth in our country, but the consumption rigidity demand of passenger car market still exists, and the consumption of passenger car in our country will still be in a steady rise stage in the future.


More encouraging policies on new energy automobile industry in China will stimulate the rapid increase of demand for new energy auto parts, and new energy parts and components enterprises will be developed rapidly.


The popularity and application of network technology has had a profound impact on many traditional industries, especially after the State Council put forward the concept of "Internet". In the field of auto parts, "Internet parts" is also getting hotter. Auto parts enterprises are committed to the integration of Internet e-commerce channels and traditional channels.