Global automotive and parts industry

(1) Continuous industrial transfer


China, India and other emerging automobile markets have become large market capacity and growth automobile consumption markets in the world. At the same time, these countries are rich in labor resources, low labor costs, and the quality of labor force is constantly improving. With the increasingly fierce competition in the automobile and parts industry, in order to open up emerging markets and effectively reduce production costs, automobile and parts enterprises began to accelerate the industrial transfer to China, India, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.


(2) Globalization of auto parts procurement


Under the background of global economic integration, while focusing on their core business and dominant business, the major automobile companies and parts suppliers in the world further reduce the self-made rate of auto parts and adopt the strategy of global procurement to purchase the automobile parts products with comparative advantage in the world.


(3) Systematic development, modular manufacturing and integrated supply


The integration and modularization of automobile parts system is a technical means to integrate the functions realized by multiple parts in the past into one module component through new design and process, so as to replace multiple parts with a single module component.


The integration and modularization of automobile parts system have many advantages. First, compared with single parts, the weight of modular components is lighter, which is beneficial to the lightweight of the whole machine, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction. Secondly, the space occupied by integrated and modular components is smaller, which can optimize the spatial layout of the whole machine and improve the performance of the whole machine. Thirdly, compared with a single component, integrated and modular components reduce the installation process and improve the efficiency of assembly.


(4) The development of new technology for automobile parts


With the increasing attention of the whole society to environmental problems, energy-saving and environmental protection technology will become the future technical trend of automobile and parts industry. The new energy vehicles represented by fuel cell vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles are accelerating their development. The lightweight design, electronic and intelligent design of automobile parts and the remanufacturing technology of automobile parts are gradually being applied.