Electric valve and solenoid valve

Electric valves and solenoid valves are commonly used valve instruments to adjust the direction, flow, speed, and other parameters of the medium in the industrial control system. The electromagnetic valve and the electric valve have a certain difference between the performance and the application.


The electromagnetic valve is a kind of electric valve, and the magnetic field generated by the electromagnetic coil is used to pull the valve core, so that the on-off of the valve body is changed, the coil is de-energized, and the valve core is returned by the pressure of the spring.


The electric valve is simply to control the valve with the electric actuator, so as to realize the opening and closing of the valve, which can be divided into upper and lower parts. The upper half part is divided into an electric actuator, and the lower half part is divided into a valve.


Electric valve is divided into two types. One is angle travel electric valve by angle travel electric actuator with angle travel valve use, to realize valve 90 degree internal rotation control pipe fluid on and off. The other is straight travel electric valve by straight travel electric actuator with straight travel valve use, to realize valve plate up and down action control pipe fluid on and off. It is usually used in equipment with high degree of automation.


The electric valve is usually connected by the electric actuator and the valve and becomes the electric valve after installation and debugging. The electric valve uses electric energy as the power to turn on the electric actuator to drive the valve, to realize the switch of the valve and to adjust the action, so as to achieve the purpose of switching or adjusting the pipeline medium.