Common wear condition of conveyor belt

1. The friction between the frame and the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt will sometimes cause the defects caused by the manufacture, installation and use of the conveyor, and the running deviation will occur. When there is too much deviation, the conveyor belt will be in contact with the roller support and the frame, resulting in edge glue wear and even flanging of the conveyor belt.

2. The friction between the baffle and the conveyor belt. The wear of the baffle to the conveyor belt is a special wear, such as the improvement of the design method of the baffle and attention to the maintenance, which can almost be prevented.

3. The friction between the idler and the conveyor belt. The undercover adhesive of the conveyor belt should also be rubbed by the coring idler and the forward tilting groove idler, which is caused by wear in the transition section from the grooving roller to the drum and the protruding part of the conveyor bending.

4.The friction between the sweeper and the conveyor belt. The wear caused by the sweeper to the conveyor belt is usually uniform, but when the harder steel plate is used as the cleaning board, if used improperly, the rubber other than the dirt will also be cut down, and when the foreign body between the cleaning device tip and the conveyor belt enters, deep scars will also be drawn on the full length of the conveyor belt.