Causes and solutions of belt skidding of belt conveyor

Skidding is one of the common faults of belt conveyor. Once skidding failure occurs, it is easy to cause material dispersion, feed pipe blockage, conveyor belt wear, belt breaking and other phenomena, resulting in the belt conveyor can not run normally.


1. The tension of conveyor belt is insufficient.


When there is not enough tension force in the conveyor belt, there can not be enough friction driving force between the active wheel and the conveyor belt, and the conveyor belt and load movement can not be towed. The stroke of screw or hydraulic tightening device is not enough or improperly adjusted, the counterweight quality of heavy hammer tension and car type tension device is not enough, and the clamping mechanism will cause the tension force of belt conveyor to be insufficient and cause skidding.




1) The belt conveyor with spiral or hydraulic tension structure increases the tension force by adjusting the tension stroke.


2) The belt conveyor with heavy hammer tension and car tension structure are treated by increasing the weight quality or eliminating the sticking of the mechanism. When adding the configuration of the tensioning device, adding it to the conveyor belt without skidding should not add too much, so as not to make the conveyor belt bear too much tension and reduce its service life.


2. The adhesive of driving drum is seriously worn out.


After the belt conveyor runs for a long time, the rubber surface of the driving drum and its grooves will appear serious wear, resulting in the decrease of the friction coefficient of the driving drum surface and the decrease of the friction force, which will lead to the slippage of the conveyor belt.




Taking the method of recoating or replacing drum, and paying attention to the inspection of driving drum glue every day.