Trends in the development of parts and components products

With the change of market environment and automobile trend, the adaptability of auto parts products has changed.


High-end oriented - products and market


From the independent brand to the joint venture brand, to the international well-known brand's pioneering market supporting strategy, it is a lot of independent component enterprises to realize the high end of the product, and the enterprise is from the weak to the strong development route. In the first half of this year, many listed companies of auto parts have realized the replacement of new products and the matching of the joint-venture brand and foreign-funded brand. For example, the Star-woo shares have acquired a number of development tasks such as the Audi pre-lamp, and the mass-led headlamp and the like, the Hongda High-tech Co., Ltd. opened the cooperation with the Mercedes-Benz brand automobile manufacturer in the field of warp-knitted fabric, and practiced the development strategy of replacing the market in the high-end passenger car import.


Integration - from a single product to a product set


In order to enhance competitiveness and anti-risk ability, most of the listed auto parts companies choose to cooperate with related enterprises to change from providing a single product to providing a system solution that integrates software and hardware, which is more prominent in the field of power system and automobile electronics. For example, based on D series high-end diesel engine and new energy strategy, Yunnei Power carries out cooperation with Suzhou Green Control and Keliyuan Company to provide customers with diesel hybrid power assembly system. Asia Pacific shares actively developed active electronic security control system and advanced intelligent driving assistance system (ADAS) highly integrated technology. Junsheng Electronics has become an the overall supplier of intelligent man-machine interactive system and the high-end interior trim products through a number of overseas acquisitions.