The development trend of the domestic market of linear guideway

The innovation of linear guide rail industry and the upgrading of technology make our country's PMI linear guide rail industry gradually occupy its own position in the whole linear guide rail industry. At the same time, with the improvement of the quality of linear guide rail products in China, the domestic linear guide rail industry has become the focus of the world, and the market has also shifted to come. In the future industry development, technological innovation is naturally the main, and technology promotion is necessary, which is the most important condition in the rapid development of the industry and market demand. Although China's linear guideway industry started late, the early stage is mainly low - end products.


At present, China has only a small amount of exports. From the point of view of the technical development trend of mechanical manufacturing industry, the proportion of efficient CNC machine tools in factories in our country will increase year by year, and the demand for efficient and advanced cutting tools will increase rapidly in the future. In addition, due to the increase of labor cost in China, the price advantage of middle and low grade cutting tools will be gradually lost. For the increasing demand of advanced cutting tools for CNC machine tools, China's tool industry must change its concept, vigorously develop the production of efficient and advanced cutting tools, pay attention to the sales volume, pay more attention to after-sales service, and strive to innovate to occupy more market share. Technology is always the mainstream trend in the industry, and there is no innovative technology. There are too many obstacles to the development of the industry. It is believed that in the future, through the continuous improvement of innovative technology and independent research and development, it will become the real mainstream of the domestic linear guideway industry. With the continuous development of linear guideway industry in China, the demand and requirements for linear guideway products are also gradually improving. And this kind of improvement brings the bigger motive force to the industry technology promotion. The ball screw and linear module will also be developed to the greatest extent.