Situation of Automobile Parts Industry in China

Automobile industry is capital-intensive, technology-intensive industry, economies of scale and brand effect is particularly prominent. Automobile industry has the characteristics of large output value, long industrial chain, high correlation degree, high technical requirements, wide employment and large consumption pull. It is an important symbol to measure a country's industrialization level, economic strength and scientific and technological innovation ability, and occupies an important position in the global economic development. After a long period of development, the automobile industry has become one of the important pillar industries of our economy and plays an important role in the national economy and social development.


Automobile parts are the units that constitute the whole processing of automobile parts and the products that serve in the processing of automobile spare parts. From the functional aspect, they mainly include engine accessories, transmission accessories, brake accessories, steering accessories and so on. Among them, engine accessories and transmission accessories are the most technologically intensive core accessories. From the point of view of the object of use, the automobile parts can be divided into the whole vehicle market parts supplied to the automobile manufacturer and the after-sales service market parts used for the maintenance and modification of the automobile parts. The rapid transfer speed of parts processing industry is the current development feature of auto parts industry.


With the development of the automobile parts industry in China, the automobile parts industry has a high-speed development period through technology introduction, transformation and independent research and development. Although growth has declined slightly in recent years, the absolute value remains high. The industrial output value of the auto parts and the output of the automobile are basically the same, and the increase of the output of the auto parts will further promote the expansion of the output value of the spare parts industry.