Rust-removing method for linear guide rail

The linear guideway of door and window equipment is easily corroded due to the influence of external environment. The corrosion of linear guideway is mainly caused by two reasons: one is the metal erosion of bearing itself, and the other is the erosion of tool elements.


The metal erosion of the linear guide rail itself accounts for a great proportion, and because of the special causes of the working environment, the rust can not be avoided at many times. In particular, when the weather is relatively hot, the hand sweat of the operator can also cause the linear guide rail to rust, because the sweat film is generated on the surface of the human body sweat when the human body sweat is in contact with the bearing, and the salt in the sweat of the metal surface is reflected by the metal to cause erosion.


Of course, if there is an effective protective measure, this situation can be completely avoided, for example, wearing a professional glove with a professional pick-up part. What will the metal erosion of the linear guide rail affect the rail?


1. Surface light brightness;


2. The chemical structure and composition of metal data;


3. The solution composition and PH value of the metal surface.


In addition to the linear guideway profession, the largest amount of grease used in high-speed wire rod mill bearings, accounting for about 70% of the amount of grease used. Because that kind of grease chooses delicate fiber, light and difficult to filter lithium white as thickener, using mineral oil as bottom oil, it is very difficult to know the demand of low deep groove ball bearing outside the foot to reduce the oscillatory value. Another benefit is the unscrupulous pumping, whether it is mechanical fatliquoring, or craft grease, are concise and difficult to do. Moreover, the cost of the grease is low, which can greatly reduce the bearing cost. However, because of the use of mineral base oil, that kind of grease In addition to rust and rust-proof machine energy, some physical and chemical targets on the big buckle. If the bearing life can only reach 200 hours, linear guideway common problems. There is no problem when the starting and working torque is tested at-20 . The service temperature of this kind of grease is usually-20 120 . When it is used at a high temperature above 150 , the bottom oil will evaporate too fast and flow away seriously, which will greatly shorten the service life of VAV linear guideway.