Other trends in the development of parts and components products

Lightweight - material research and development top priority


The light-weight high-strength steel and aluminum alloy have been popularized and applied in the automotive field, and new materials such as carbon fiber and plant fiber are also the research and development focus of the component enterprises. In the first half of the year, the Asia-Pacific technology accelerated the continuous supply of the automotive power system and the aluminum for the body to meet the development demand of the light in the current automobile industry, the light-weight steel ring of the high-strength material developed by the Group of Japan and Japan is widely used in the field of new energy vehicles. The traditional interior trim supplier, Ningbo Huaxiang, has added the project investment of the self-active fiber and the carbon fiber, and the Kirschmidt aluminum technology company of Huadong automobile is more in Germany to carry out the aluminum-aluminum reduction business, supporting the high-end launch of a plurality of European brands Aluminum alloy cylinder block.


Industrialization - project implementation of new product incubation


The product structure of auto parts enterprises depends on product optimization and upgrading, new projects and smooth industrialization of new products to ensure that enterprises have strong profitability and risk response ability. In the first half of this year, Dongan Power products entered the M series era in an all-round way, realizing the replacement of the old platform products and the transformation of the customer structure. The electric car reducer and the new product T18R new transmission also successfully matched the mass production, and the enterprise profit increased. Del shares, which have been on the market for a year, have promoted the industrialization of a number of projects through fundraising, including electro-hydraulic pumps, EPS motors, gearbox pumps, etc., and are developing electric vacuum pumps and high voltage. Electromechanical hydraulic pump, hydraulic retarder and other new products have become a new profit growth point.