Maintenance of electric roller

The electric drum is mainly used in fixed and mobile belt conveyor to replace the traditional motor and the separate driving device of reducer outside the driving drum. Due to the particularity of the working environment, it is necessary to carry out daily maintenance and maintenance of the electric drum according to the actual situation.


1. The surrounding environment, fastening bolts, oil leakage and the integrity of the cable should be checked regularly before each start-up, which should create conditions for normal operation.


2. Start with a click every time you start, check the vibration, noise and temperature rise of the running parts after 10 minutes of operation.


3. Most of the electric rollers have good sealing performance, and generally will not permeate oil, if there is leakage phenomenon, please pay attention to two parts: one is the vulnerable part oil seal, whether there is wear or deformation, the amount of wear is not large, the oil seal lip part of the spring ring tightening can solve the leakage. If invalid or deformed, the skeleton oil seal should be replaced in time. Second, the outlet channel should not be blocked, and the deposited dust, oil and sundries should be clear. Keep the passage open.


4. Pay attention to the replacement of lubricating oil, the first oil exchange time is 10 days, the second time is one month, and then every three months to change the oil. For grease-filling parts, such as motor bearings for electric rollers, they should be added frequently, usually once a month, and new oil should be replaced every six months. For example, the motor bearings used in electric rollers should be added frequently, usually once every month, and the new oil should be replaced every six months.