Mechanical parts manufacturing involved in a number of manufacturing industries

As an important part of the equipment manufacturing industry, the market demand, technical level and the development of the whole industry are closely related to the overall development of the equipment manufacturing industry.


As the upstream product of equipment manufacturing industry, special equipment parts are widely used in oil and gas, clean and efficient power generation, engineering and mining machinery, transportation, aerospace and other major equipment industries, benefiting from the rapid growth of major equipment demand and entering a new historical period of development.


After years of development, China's special equipment parts industry has formed an industrial system with complete categories, large scale and certain international competitiveness, but the development seriously lags behind the mainframe products, the overcapacity of middle and low grade products, and the lack of high-end product capacity. Taking power generation equipment as an example, China's output has ranked first in the world, but the development of high-end materials and important auxiliary equipment has lagged behind the technical progress of power generation equipment. Some important valves, pumps and other key components still need to be imported.


Casting forming parts, especially steel castings, are the important source products of special equipment parts. The pattern changes are very prominent in the global industrial integration. China and other developing countries are developing rapidly, and the industries in developed countries are shrinking as a whole, but they are still trying to promote development, and focus on the high-end products of special equipment parts with key technologies.


With the rapid development of automobile and other related industries in China, die-casting mold industry is also driven up. In modern society, information is extremely precious to every industry and enterprise, and the vigorous development of information technology is also very important to the development of die-casting die industry. China's export of die casting mold is now concentrated in Europe, North America, Japan, South Korea and other places, some enterprises export mold volume has accounted for more than 30% of the total output value.