Development trend of Automobile parts Industry in China

After China's entry into WTO, the output value of auto parts industry has increased year by year. From the point of view of the development trend of the industry, auto parts have been changing to specialization. In terms of industrial layout, at present, the regional distribution of parts and components industry in China has formed five plates around Bohai Sea, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Hubei and central and western regions. The merger and integration of auto parts industry have just begun, and the regional leading enterprises break through the regional shackles, to grow into national leaders and seek transnational development. The continuous growth of automobile ownership makes auto parts enterprises have a lot of room for growth. Most enterprises hope to grow rapidly through mergers and acquisitions, to improve market share.


In recent years, the domestic auto parts industry has shown a rapid growth trend, some domestic parts and components enterprises have greatly improved their strength, and some parts production enterprises with global competitiveness in the market segmentation have emerged. At present, the main problems existing in the auto parts industry of our country are as follows. First, the parts industry and the whole vehicle industry have not developed synchronously. Second, the matching ability of the domestic auto parts enterprises as a whole is not strong, and the ability of independent development and system integration is weak, and it can not keep up with the pace of the whole vehicle development. Third, the automobile mould of our country can not fully meet the needs of the rapid development of the domestic auto parts industry.