Development of remanufacturing of auto parts in China

At present, there are many problems in the re-manufacture of automobile parts in our country. First, the remanufacturing is not widely recognized as a new concept, and the important significance of the parties to the development of the re-manufacturing industry is not enough. The second is to make the manufacturing still in the pilot exploration stage. There is no industrial scale, and the technology and management level are still relatively low. The third is that the current regulation policy restricts the development of the auto parts re-manufacturing industry in some respects. Fourth, the market mechanism of the technical standard, the supervision system, the product and the remanufacturing object has not yet been formed.


I. Develop a remanufactured group standard. The system should be set up as soon as possible, and the standard of remanufacturing process technology, quality inspection standard and so on should be set up as soon as possible.


2. Expand the remanufacturing industry market, and improve national awareness. It is necessary to speed up more enterprises and people to understand remanufacturing and correctly understand the scientific connotation and significance of remanufacturing, so that enterprises can participate more actively in the development of remanufactured products, people are willing to use auto parts to remanufacture products.


3. Establish relevant laws and regulations, and improve the supporting policy system. It is necessary to explore the establishment of laws, regulations and policies for remanufacturing products with Chinese characteristics and to establish a "manufacturer responsibility system", a resource-based enterprise and product certification system, and a corresponding reward and punishment system through the introduction of relevant laws and regulations on the remanufacturing of auto parts.


4. Establish a reasonable and rational industrialization system. Establishing a reverse logistics system of management science and operation coordination, driving the enterprise and the private capital investment in the public finance special fund to promote the industrial development of the enterprise; building a closed-loop logistics chain for manufacturing, using, recycling, remanufacturing and reusing automobile parts, and forming a social and economic. The environment-friendly benefit is a new type of resource industrial group which is integrated.