Daily maintenance and maintenance of electric roller

1. For electric drum high speed shaft backstop, a new patented product of centrifugal ratchet pawl backstop designed by our factory, dancing impact in normal work, with no noise, no temperature rise, no refueling lubrication and good reverse stop effect.


2. If there is no special situation, the electric drum generally does not need to be repaired, but should be maintained. It should be usually maintenance every six months, which can not remove the internal parts of the cleaning cylinder and replace the cooling lubricating oil liquid. Maintain once every year, remove support, end cover, cylinder, clean inner wall and transmission body of cylinder, check gear, cycloid wheel, bearing wear. Check the stress position, keyway deformation, oil seal wear or not. Maintain every two years, remove all parts, check, repair or replace.


3. High-power electric drum equipped with hydraulic coupler, generally by the matching manufacturers to add a total volume of 60% HU-20 (GB2537-81) turbine oil. If you need to adjust according to the use requirements, please follow the hydraulic coupler application instructions.


4. In case of oil in the oil-immersed electric roller, use the oil as specified in the instruction strictly, and the user shall not change the oil type arbitrarily, so as to prevent the motor from burning out.


5. Regular inspection of the oil level in the roller is an important part of routine maintenance, and the specified oil level is one of the conditions to ensure the normal operation of the drum.


6. With the adjustment and maintenance of the electric hydraulic block brake and the maintenance of the hydraulic couplers, please follow the instructions for the use of this product.