Conveyor electric drum

Now, production enterprises generally choose conveyor equipment to carry out production operations. Conveyor accessories can be automatically produced according to the factory material requirements as well as logistics transport.


Conveyor electric drum is a kind of electric energy which can be converted into mechanical energy power. With a electromagnetic winding or a distributed stator winding and a rotating armature or rotor, the current can be turned through and subjected to the magnetic field in the stator winding, so that the common device can be used as a new type of drive equipment drum, which is mainly used in the fixed or moving belt conveyor.


The electric drum of the conveyor replaces the traditional motor as the operation of the conveyor, and it is a separate driving device of the reducer outside the driving drum. As the driving device of belt conveyor and hoist conveyor, compared with the general motor, the electric drum of the conveyor has the advantages of compact structure, light weight and light inside, good sealing, convenient installation and so on. In the industrial enterprise installation, it can also be installed according to the production operation, and you can choose the motor built-in, external and mobile, when installing the electric drum, you can properly add some lubricating oil to ensure that the electric drum can run well. According to the belt conveyor for some special occasions, there is also a deceleration device between the separate drive and the electric drum drive form inside the drum body, and the electric motor outside the drum book is installed with the electric drum. Compared with the separate driving device, the electric drum of the conveyor not only has the characteristics of tight structure, low noise, long service life and high transmission efficiency, but also has the characteristics of smooth operation, reliable work, good sealing performance of occupying space and more installation. Conveyor electric rollers are also more suitable for working in relatively wet, muddy, dusty production environments and other harsh conditions.


Because the operation safety and control of the electric drum of the conveyor is very simple and convenient, at the same time, it can also start, accelerate, brake, reverse, stop and so on, and can meet the requirements of all kinds of operation, so the electric drum of the conveyor is widely used in mining, gold treatment, chemical industry, coal, building materials, electricity, grain and transportation and other industries.